Recital Information Page

Show Line Up Print here 1 and 2 

Recital AND Rehearsal will be held at:

Wadsworth Auditorium

25 Jefferson Street

Newnan, GA  30263

Below you will find IMPORTANT details for our rehearsal and Spring Recital! There is also a lineup attached to this email. *The lineup is subject to change* Please double check that we haven't left off a class.


We will NOT have any classes at the studio next Thursday, May 19 or Saturday, May 21.  


Thursday, May 19 (SHOW  ONE)

If you are in SHOW ONE (1:00pm) your rehearsal will be Thursday, May 19. Dancers should arrive between 4:45-5:00PM. We will start rehearsal PROMPTLY at 5:15PM at Wadsworth Auditorium! 

Friday, May 20 (SHOW TWO)

If you are in SHOW TWO (4:30pm), your rehearsal will be Friday, May 20. 

Dancers should arrive between 4:45-5:00PM. We will start rehearsal PROMPTLY at 5:15PM at Wadsworth Auditorium! 

Dancers should be dropped off at the side door that leads to the dressing room. If you’re looking at the Wadsworth this will be the left side of the building. If you need to walk your dancer into their dressing room please make sure no males are entering the dressing room area. 

Please do not bring your dancers through the front doors. We will have staff near the side door to help guide you! (Our male dancers, see below)

FOR REHEARSAL, dancers only need HAIR AND MAKEUP. NO COSTUMES. Older dancers with multiple changes are allowed to bring costumes so that they will know how much time they have in between dances for quick changes. 

Parents will not be allowed in the theater to watch the rehearsal, but will need to stay in the lobby (or outside) to be ready for pick up. 

Please plan to pick up your dancer at the side door where you drop them off at 6:45pm.

Our male dancers only can enter through the front doors and will be guided on where to sit until their routine.

Daddy Dance participants should arrive on their dancer's scheduled rehearsal day at 6:45PM. You can enter through the front doors and come into the auditorium. Rehearsal for daddy dance should last about an hour. It is up to you if you want your dancer to stay with you for the rehearsal. The practice is mostly for the dads and for them to get more comfortable performing their routine on the stage. 

Other parents/guardians are not allowed in the theater during this time. 


Dancers should arrive in enough time to be in the dressing rooms on Saturday Show One (12:15pm), Saturday Show Two (3:45pm) This is 15 minutes BEFORE doors open. 

DOORS OPEN only 30 minutes before show time.

* Each dancer should arrive at the auditorium in their first costume, with hair and makeup done.

*On RECITAL DAY our male dancers should find MS. HAVEN and she will bring them into the theater and show them where they will sit. They will sit in the front seats of the auditorium and a SDA staff member will come get them before their dance goes!

*All dancers will be assigned a dressing room. No parents will be allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms. Please drop your dancer off at the backstage door on the left side of the Wadsworth building. One female parent/guardian will be able to walk younger dancers into the dressing room area and help them find their designated rooms. There will be SDA staff members in the dressing room areas to help them change their skirts, outfits and shoes.

* If there are moms that want to volunteer to stay in the dressing room areas during the shows, please email us.  You will be able to watch your dancer perform from backstage.

*Bring all costumes and shoes for the show.  One female parent/guardian will be able to go to the dressing room to pick up their dancer after the show.

REMEMBER to bring your tickets with you!!  We cannot replace any lost or forgotten tickets on show day.  Any remaining available tickets can be purchased at the door for $20 each.  We cannot guarantee that we will have tickets left at that time.  Please purchase tickets before the show if you can. Please do not save multiple seats. It's important to make room for everyone with a purchased ticket. 

*Please have your dancer's name written in all of their shoes and tags on their costumes. 

*Programs will be emailed out for you to print off if you wish. There will also be a QR CODE posted throughout the venue for families to scan to view the program on their mobile devices. 

*Reminder that all dancers should have the correct shoes for their classes. 

Ballet: pink ballet slippers

Jazz: tan Jazz split sole 

Tan: tan tap 

HipHop: black sneakers of any brand (WEDNESDAY HIPHOP, NO SHOES)

Lyrical/contemporary: no shoes 

*Please no nail polish or jewelry. Small earrings (pearls or studs) are okay. 

We are so excited for our 18th recital! If you have any other questions please let us know!